Introducing the Christadelphians

Click here                 to see a 2 minute video about the Christadelphians.

This is YOUR bible -

A hugely useful Bible learning resource. If you have questions - join the thousands of others meeting online to learn, discuss and share the message of hope the bible holds. Online questions, courses and library of articles available.

Bible Quizzes -

Enjoy learning about the Bible in the form of quizzes - for all ages and abilities.

Need a closer look at life's issues? -

If you are thinking about issues of how I relate to the world and where the Bible and God fit in why not take a closer look at ... nature, creation, medicine, history, the future, world events, yourself, prophecy, the saviour of the world, faith, being born again, the Bible

Christadelphian Bible Mission -

Prime aim is Gospel proclamation and welfare aid to Africa and Eastern Europe. Currently working in over 70 countries. Many of the Africans we help are living below the bread line and would not survive without aid from our charity.

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